01. Why

Because IAM Design invests its know-how in the research and development of technological solutions for project design. The origins of its expertise trace back to its experiences in the, wrought iron field, combining technical know-how and architectural demands.

The internal research into the product and its peculiarities is careful and aims at supporting the construction work, through simplification, rapid installation and guaranteed operation. Several industrial and utility patents enable a flexible approach to planning and reduce the time of construction.


Simple and linear geometries demonstrate a deep knowledge of design and can dialogue with architecture beyond time. With IAM Design collections, architects and designers get a total freedom of style and product combination, which gives wide space to ideas and shape to their realization.


In IAM Design opinion Quality and Reliability derive directly from the Production. The production process is characterized by precision and manufacturing engineering: simplicity and craftsmanship guide technological innovation and sustainability.


IAM Design products have always been manufactured in order to reach the highest standards in quality and safety because the company wants to be sure that the systems are up to their function. To verify compliance with the specific functional and performance requirements, IAM Design carries in the test area a set of tests, measurements, investigations and inspections. IAM Design products are qualitatively tested before, during and after production by qualified experts.


IAM Design believes in understanding first, designing second. Apart from the ready-made catalogue’s items, IAM Design quickly fulfills customer projects.

Design and technical teams are ready to design and create bespoke items, also testing their safety according to regulatory standards



Discover the IAM DESIGN systems to find out the right for you.





At the end, the customers are always who create the history and the success of a company and IAM Design has had the good fortune to collaborate with its customers: not simply providing the systems and accessories that it produces, but following their projects since birth. This is the greatest satisfaction!

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