Just like a tree, the “trunk” is the bearing structure.

General Feature

Glasstree is a system composed by supporting elements of the steps which recall the branches of a tree. For the version Glasstree Spiral this celebration of the nature is extended so to make the entire structure look “natural”. Sober but highly functional lines ensure this model a stage presence of strong impact in all environments, meant to last over time.

The module:

The base module is formed by a stainless steel cylinder that contains inside the vertical post that joins the various stairway modules. From this structure, that will create the “trunk”, rise the tree “branches” formed by two stainless steel vertical plain bars joined by pierced cylindrical spacers in order to work together.

On the plain bar top part are situated the stainless steel cylinders in support of the glass step.

These cylinders, for static and aesthetic reasons, are “drowned” inside the step formed by three sheets of glass. This system allows to have a lightness effect but, in the meantime, it is conceived to offer the maximum structural solidity.

Glasstree Spiral is the spiral version of the Glasstree system.

This elegant stairway recalls the shape and the structure of a tree, formed by a central trunk and by the branches placed all around. Just like a tree, the “trunk” is the bearing structure: it is formed by modular rings that allow to build the stairway according to the available heights. Furthermore, through the use of spacers, it is possible to adjust number and height of the treads.

The “branches” of this tree are constituted by two stainless steel vertical flat bars joined each other by pierced cylindrical spacers. This system gives lightness and, in the meantime, offers the maximum structural solidity.


Designed for: indoor use
Applications: Stairs
Material: Stainless steel
Steps: Glass
Glass thickness: 3 panels of 10 mm
Finishing: Satin


Design load: 400 Kg/m2