Glass Step

the stairway that exalts the main virtues of the laminated glass.

General feature

Glasstep is a glass stairway, completely transparent, able to “disappear” allowing this way to enjoy fully the surrounding environment, both classical and modern.

The module:

The anchoring system is composed of a cylindrical body made of stainless steel shaped to build a base support for the triple-glazed piece which forms the step.

The two threaded locking elements of stainless steel are used to block and join all the glass elements which compose the stairway.

All the joints between the stainless steel and the glass are covered by black rubbers.

Characterized by a minimal design it can adjust to all the environments and meet, thanks to its flexibility, the most various architectural requirements. The glass functions as bearing structure of the hole composition. This result has been achieved planning an anchorage system formed by stainless steel elements that connect the various glass elements. This structure allows to personalize at 100% both tread and riser of the steps.

Glasstep is the stairway that exalts the main virtues of the laminated glass: its transparency and its structural power allow to appreciate the value of this material.


Designed for: indoor use
Applications: Stairs
Material: Stainless steel
Steps: Glass
Glass thickness: 3 panles of 10 mm
Finishing: Satin

test result:

Design load: 400 Kg/m2