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BackBone Single

The modular system that allows to create stairways,
both linear and curved.

general feature

This system is particularly interesting for its flexibility, given by the ability to rotate along the vertical element of the base module, by the possibility of using rings that regulate the step tread as well as various other types of accessories that allow you to work with supports earth, wall or via live ropes.

The module:

The module backbone single is composed of a cylindrical, central element which permits to adjust both the riser, thanks to the spacer rings, and the rotation between the steps.

Furthermore, this cylindrical element carries, on its upper part, an Y-shaped element for the fixing of the glass tread, whereas the lower part can carry various supports for the wall and floor anchoring or for the stainless steel rope tightening.

The two horns shaping the Y exploits the principle of the inverted arch and carry at their ends two big cylinders necessary to support the glasses composing the treads.

Backbone Single is a flexible stairway of the Backbone system that gives the possibility to meet the greatest number of possible solutions: the stainless steel structure is formed by a basic module repeatable and characterized by essential shapes as suggested by its purpose.

We have studied a modular system that allows to create stairways both linear and curved and that gives furthermore the possibility to adapt lights and widths. Backbone, a stairway conceived exactly like a backbone that, thanks to the flexible junctions, allows to create or follow all kinds of movements.


Designed for: indoor use
Applications: Stairs
Material: Stainless steel
Steps: Glass
Glass thickness: 3 panels of 10 mm
Finish: Satin


Design load: 400 Kg/m2