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Glass Cable / Glass Bars

The Glass Cable and Glass Bars systems allow for the production
of glass and steel railings characterized by a double infill system such as glass and steel.
Ideal solutions for those looking for a light and safe solution.

General Features - GLASS CABLE

The Glass Cable systems combine the traditional system with glass supports to steel ropes, giving the railing a more maritime taste.
The glass located in the lower part of the railing also has a anti-scale function. Ideal for places with children.


1 – Possibility of using glass of various thickness, from 6 mm monolithic to 13,52 mm laminated.

2 – Glass clamp support.

3 – Through-hole accessory for fixing the rope.

4 – Available rope diameter 4 – 5 or 6 mm.

5 – The glass located in the lower part of the railing also has a anti-scale function.

General Features - GLASS BAR

The Glass Bar systems combine glass clamp supports that can be adapted to any type of pillar and horizontal steel rods, thus obtaining a slim and modern perimeter. Available in satin or mirror polished finish, for marine environments or particularly polluted areas.


1 – Structure available in AISI 304 steel for indoor use or AISI 316 for outdoor use.

2 – Fixing system for the rods.

3 – Detail of horizontal 12 mm diameter rods.

4 – Detail of a glass clamp.

5 – Glass thickness from 8 mm monolithic to 13,52 mm laminated.


Designed for: home and public places
Use: indoor and outdoor
Variations: floor or wall mounted
Applications: stairs, balconies and balustrades
Material: AISI 316 and 304 stainless steel
Infill: glass from 8 to 17,52 mm – Stainless steel ropes
Upper finish: satin or polished stainless steel