For over 16 years IAM Design has made the metal design his purpose in life.

Designing is a way of being, of thinking and behaving, totally dedicated to every action and life idea. Designing is the construction of oneself, it means to go vigorously toward a constant improvement. For IAM Design designing is not a simple job but it’s a way to relate to the life and its beauty.

Designing means building something that remains, that lives beyond fashion, beyond time.

IAM Design works, designs, produces, does research and creates innovation, trains its staff and builds always its own thinking, translating it into a life philosophy. IAM Design is not only the trademark of a factory but it’s also a promise of ethical designing.

IAM Design’s power resides in working for a tailor-made designing, finding first-time solutions, integrating metal with architecture and creating, in this way, a recognizable image all around the world for its formal integrity and its idea at the same time. IAM Design is a life philosophy, a thought to follow for all the architects and designers, an image in which to identify oneself, a style.

IAM Design designs the Metal and together other materials such as Wood and Glass.

IAM Design designs and realizes Railings, Stairs, Facades, objects, architectural projects, but also creates styles, furnishing accessories, graphic and photographic projects, drawing in this way the world around its metal. Designing means creating, and creating draws the following epitome: Listening, Observing and Understanding.

IAM Design is at the service of Architects and Designers all over the world, supporting them directly or with the assistance of thousand skilled craftsmen with whom it has a long collaboration. The products created by IAM Design can be found everywhere in the world and in many of the most incredible and modern buildings. The future of metal in Architecture is in the constant research and in the creation of innovative solutions. Making product culture through the metal designing is what that made IAM Design the market reference point.

IAM Design, being bearer of strong ideals but also of craftsmanship and innovation, is always aware to represent the Made in Italy. The Italian style means a lot for the brand: it’s the Italian genius made of talent, capacity to dream, but also to adapt with determination and imagination. Before being Italian, however, IAM Design is a team. A team made up of people and a team that deserves to be applauded because, thanks to everyone’s work, IAM Design can proudly look at what has been done up to now. And only thanks to the everyone’s hard works IAM Design will be proud of all the future achievements.