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faster than ever!

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The new generation of profiles which arises from the need to improve and facilitate the alignment of balustrade glasses. It is indeed possible to adjust glasses, operating only from the internal side of the balustrade thanks to its patented system ACE-BLOCK. Glass U P2 system successfully passed the tests required from the strictest norms.

Screw and align!

1 Place the “L” insert in the Glass U P2 profile on the external side.

2 Position the ACE-BLOCK® with long screw on the lower channel and the one with short screw on the upper channel at a distance of about 250 mm. Make sure that the screws are empty.

3 Position the glass.

4 With the use of electric or manual screwdriver, fix and adjust the glass for alignment to the outside.

5 Fix and adjust the glass for alignment inward.

GLASS-U P2 works with the innovative system for adjusting glass ACE-BLOCK®.
The adjustment of the glass is therefore very simple and reaches up to the 2nd from the vertical.


Speed up the assembly thanks to the ACE-BLOCK SYSTEM®.

All the assembly is done from the inside, in safely way and without the need for scaffolding.

Possibility to use electrical screwdrivers for fixing.

The abundant space around anchor holes allows the use of socket wrenches.

Misaligned anchor holes in the wall version to reduce the weakening of the base.

Internal water and condensation drainage profile thanks to the channels system of integrated drain.

Various cover carters for all site needs.

Alignment pin to join the profiles.

Compatible with ZEROVIBRATION system which allows the reduction of vibrations of the glass at the top.

Can be integrated with LED lighting inside the profile.

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